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Incredible consulting connects people with talent around the world, whether your a company looking for great staff or someone looking for their next opportunity

We get to know everything about you and your business and take time in understanding your needs to devise the best strategy. We’ve been recruiting globally for over a decade and have our pulse on the local markets as well as trends in hiring so you can be assured your getting the best possible service available.
We enjoy working with candidates and give you advice on companies of potential interest as well as connect you with firms in growth stages that need someone with your specific background or experience.

Our flexible, comprehensive global recruitment consultation services include:

  • Executive search/permanent recruitment
  • Global “regional” specific search requiring bilingual talent, i.e., Japan, China, Korea, EMEA
  • Temporary and contract hiring
  • Project hiring, technical hiring for consultants

Howard Ichiro Lim

President of Incredible Consulting Group

President of Incredible Consulting Group

Howard founded the company in 2008 to assist individuals and organizations with their business strategy needs in Asia and the US. Prior to starting ICG, Howard worked for several notable firms in Technology & the Management Consulting space, including Sun Microsystems and a Healthcare affiliated strategy firm based in the US.

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